Downloadable Program

Day 1 (17 December, 2012)

8:30 íV

ICCH2012 Registration

9:00 íV 9:10am

Opening Address

ICCH2012 General Chair Prof. David Zhang

9:10 íV10:10am

ICCH2012 Invited Speech:

Computer-aided Innovations in Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging

Prof. Yongping Zheng,

Acting Head of Interdisciplinary Division of Biomedical Engineering,

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

10:10 íV 10:30 am

Morning Tea Break

10:30 íV 12:00 pm

Session 1: New Healthcare Systems

(Session Chair: Prof. Tuan Pham)

10:30 íV 10:45 am

A Medical Image Navigating System with iPad

(Kenan Niu, Nan Bao, and Yan Kang)

10:45 íV 11:00 am

Toward the Development of a Cost-Effective e-Depression Detection System

(Tuan D. Pham, Truong Cong Thang, and Mayumi Oyama-Higa)

11:00 íV 11:15 am

Development of an Emergency Medical Service System Based on Wireless Networks and Real-Time Traffic Information

(Tan-Hsu Tan, Munkhjargal Gochoo, Sukhbaatar Bilgee, Ching-Su Chang, Jin-Jia Hu, Yung-Fu Chen, John Y. Chiang, Yung-Fa Huang, and Ming-Hui)

11:15 íV 11:30 am

Monitoring Diabetic Patients by Novel Intelligent Footwear System

(Lin Shu, Kai Ying Mai, Xiao Ming Tao, Ying Li, Wing Cheung Wong, Ka Fai Lee, Siu Leung Yip, Wai Hung Anthony Shum, Wai Lam Chan, and Chi Pang Yuen)

11:30 - 11:45 am

Tumor Clustering based on Hybrid Cluster Ensemble Framework

(Zhiwen Yu, Jane You, Hantao Chen, Le Li, and Xiaowei Wang)

11:45 íV 12:00 pm

Healthcare for Patients with Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome Based on Internet Health Education

(Ming-Huei Lee, Huei-Ching Wu, Jen-Yung Lin, Yung-Fu Chen, John Y. Chiang, and Tan-Hsu Tan)

12:15 íV 2:00 pm

Conference Lunch (PolyU Staff Restaurant)

2:15 íV 3:45 pm

Session 2: Visual Information Analysis for Healthcare

(Session Chair: Prof. Xiaoyi Jiang)

2:15 íV 2:30 pm

Straight from RF to 3D Ultrasound Image Reconstruction

(Loxlan Wesley Kasa, and Mingyue Ding)

2:30 íV 2:45 pm

Imaging of in vivo Carotid Artery with Time Using Ultrasonography and Sclerosis

(Yasunari Yokota, Fumio Nogata, Yoko Kawamura, and Hiroyuki Morita)

2:45 íV 3:00 pm

An Improved ChaníVVese (CV) Model for Lumen Segmentation of Carotid Artery

(Yang Lu, Gang Xu, Fulin Zhang, and Kehong Yuan)

3:00 íV 3:15 pm

GPU-based Fusion Method for 3D Electrophysiological Data Visualization

(Lei Zhang, Kuanquan Wang, Wangmeng Zuo, Yunfeng Wu, and Dongchen Han)

3:15 íV 3:30 pm

A 3D Gaze Estimation Method Based on Facial Feature Tracking

(Xinbo Zhao, Xiaochun Zou, and Zheru Chi)

3:30 íV 3:45 pm

Gait Analysis by Using Tri-Axial Accelerometer of Smart Phones

(Guan-Sheng Huang, Chao-Cheng Wu, and Jiannher Lin)

3:45 íV 4:00 pm

Afternoon Tea Break

4:00 íV 5:15 pm

Session 3: Computer-Aided Detection/Diagnosis

(Session Chair: Prof. Fujita Hiroshi )

4:00 íV 4:15 pm

Carotid 4D-shape Reconstruction from Multi-cross-sectional B-mode Ultrasonic Moving Images

(Fumio Nogata, Yasunari Yokota, Member, and Yoko Kawamura )

4:15 íV 4:30 pm

Modeling and Classification of Pancreas Based on SSM and Fractal Tensor

(Huiyan Jiang, Xin Wang, Tianjiao Feng, Jingming Liu, Fei Xiang, Benqiang Yang,and Libo Zhang )

4:30 íV 4:45 pm

Quantitative Imaging in Diffuse Lung Diseases Using Three-Dimensional CT images

(Shoji Kido, Rui Xu, Yasushi Hirano, Hayaru Shouno, Rie Tachibana )

4:45 íV 5:00 pm

A new role of preventive care in dentistry by use of computer-aided detection (CAD) system for screening the systemic diseases found in panoramic radiography

(H.Fujita, A.Katsumata, T.Hara, C.Muramatsu, T.Hayashi, and T.Kokubo)

5:00 íV 5:15 pm

Multiscale Retinal Vessel Segmentation with Precise Width Estimation

(Qin Li, Xuejin Li, Changjiang Song, and Jane You)

6:00 -- 8:00 pm

ICCH2012 Banquet (PolyU Staff Restaurant)

Day 2 (18 December, 2012)

9:00 íV 10:00am

ICCH2012 Demonstration Session

(Dr. Raymond Tong & Prof. Yongping Zheng)

-- KineLabs 3D motion software platform using Kinect by Dr. Raymond Tong

-- Wearable medical sensors for healthcare by Prof. Yongping Zheng

10:00 íV 10:45 am

Session 4: Ultrasound Imaging

(Session Chair: Prof. Yongping Zheng)

10:00 íV 10:15 am

A Novel Method for Tracking of Muscle Thickness Changes in Ultrasound Image Sequences

(Xin Chen, Yanrong Guo, Wanguan Yi, and Qiaoliang Li)

10:15 íV 10:30 am

Real-Time Detection of Muscle Thickness Changes during Isometric Contraction from Ultrasonography: A Feasibility Study

(Jizhou Li, Yi Lu, Jing-Yi Guo, Yongjin Zhou, and Yong-Ping Zheng)

10:30 íV 10:45 am

Automatic Pennation Angle Measurement in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Image (Guang-Quan Zhou, and Yong-Ping Zheng)

10:45 íV 11:00 am

Morning Tea Break

11:00 íV 12:45 pm

Session 5: New Techniques for Healthcare

(Session Chair: Prof. Rajiv Khosla)

11:00 íV 11:15 am

An Efficacious Medical Video Segmentation Approach with a Moving Camera

(Xiaochun Zou, Xinbo Zhao, and Zheru Chi)

11:15 íV 11:30 am

RFID Applied in Recognition and Identification for Dental Prostheses

(Chia-Ke Chang, Yu-Jung Li, and Chih-Cheng Lu)

11:30 íV 11:45 am

Motion Correction of PET Data with a Joint Registration Functional for Multi-Modal Data

(Michael Fieseler, Fabian Gigengack, Xiaoyi Jiang and Klaus P. Sch¨afersy)

11:45 íV 12:00 pm

The Analysis and Development of Computed 2D Optical Flow Velocity based on Phantom Data

(Yan Kang, Han J.W. van Triest, and Fuyu Cai)

12:00 íV 12:15 pm

Assistive Robot Enabled Tele-Health Service Model

(Rajiv Khosla, and Mei-Tai Chu)

12:15 íV 12:30 pm

A Novel e-Nose System for Diabetes Diagnosis

(Ke Yan, and David Zhang)

12:30 íV 12:45 pm


(Dimin Wang, and David Zhang)

12:45 íV 2:00 pm

Conference Lunch (PolyU Staff Restaurant)

2:00 íV 4:00 pm

Session 6: Machine Learning for Health Informatics

(Session Chair: Prof. Dacheng Tao)

2:00 íV 2:15 pm

A Spectral Dissimilarity Constrained Nonnegative Matrix factorization based Cancer Screening Algorithm from Hyperspectral Fluorescence

(Bo Du, Liangpei Zhang, Dacheng Tao, Nan Wang, and Tao Chen)

2:15 íV 2:30 pm

An Intelligent Shoe System: Evaluation of Weight Load Approaches by Gait Analysis

(Yanbo Tao, Xinyu Wu, Yong Yang, Huihuan Qian, Chi Zhang, and Yangsheng Xu)

2:30 íV 2:45 pm

An Examination of TNM Staging of Melanoma by a Machine Learning Algorithm

(Dengyuan Wu, Charles Yang, Stephen Wong, Jon Meyerle, Bowu Zhang, and Dechang Chen)

2:45 íV 3:00 pm

Collaborative Annotation of Medical Images via Web Browser for Teleradiology

(Hualei Shen, Dianfu Ma, Yongwang Zhao, and Rongwei Ye)

3:00 íV 3:15 pm

Unlocking the Complexity of Genomic Data of RMS Patients Through Visual Analytics

(Quang Vinh Nguyen, Patricio Alzamora, Nicholas Ho, Mao Lin Huang, Simeon Simoff, and Daniel Catchpoole)

3:15 íV 3:30 pm

Laplacian Support Vector Machines for Medical Diagnosis

(Caifeng Song, Weifeng Liu, and Yanjiang Wang)

3:30 íV 3:45 pm

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Feature Selection in Mammogram Mass Classification

(Man To Wong, Xiangjian He, Hung Nguyen, and Wei-Chang Yeh)

3:45 íV 4: 00 pm

Comparisons of Fiber Clustering Algorithms for DTI Images

(Jia Zhang, Fei Dai, Jun Yu, and Zhenming Yuan)

4:00 íV 4:30 pm

Lab Visit to PolyU Biometrics Research Center (BRC)


ICCH International Conference on Computerized Healthcare 2012